5  Minute Face Morning Makeup Routine


Many of us just aren’t morning people, and getting up an hour or two early, in order to perfect our makeup seems impossible. Luckily, there are a few quick  steps you can do in the morning to quickly brighten up your face. And you can still get those couple extra hours of beauty sleep before work or school. Here are some quick makeup tips for a “5 minute face” morning makeup routine:



Cover dark spots.

Use a yellow-tinted concealer to hide any dark spots, especially underneath your eyes, to instantly make yourself look well-rested. Apply concealer in a triangular shape below your lower lashes and blend thoroughly for the best results. You can then use a light foundation or tinted moisturizer to hide any flaws and neutralize the yellow tint of the concealer. If your skin is a bit oily, use a mineral powder foundation instead to help nix excess oil.


Fill in lashes

Thicken your lashes.

Use a thin, flat brush to fill in the area between your upper and lower lashes with a dark brown shadow. This will help make your lashes look thicker and fuller. Then, apply a black eyeliner below your upper lash line and coat your upper and lower lashes with a dark, black volumizing or thickening mascara. Using a fiber lash mascara that helps extend the length of your lashes is a great way to get lengthy, lush lashes quickly without having to apply false lashes.


Slight color to your cheeksFinally some color to your lips

Add some color.

Use a rose colored tint to add a little bit of color to your lips and cheeks that will last all day. Many tints are multi-use and heavily pigmented. Make sure you add just a little bit at a time to slowly build the color so that you don’t wind up with too much color.



Neutral shade liner

Widen eyes.

To make your eyes look more vibrant and alert instantly, use a nude colored eyeliner rather than a black one to line your lower waterline. White eyeliner can sometimes look too harsh, but by using a nude liner your eyes will look larger naturally. Make sure you choose a liner that is long lasting so that it doesn’t smudge throughout the day.


You can skip the contouring, highlighting, and blending 5 different shades of shadow and opt for something more natural everyday. Following these easy steps will even out your complexion and make you appear more put together without having to go through an entire beauty routine. Toss the products you applied into your purse so that you can touch up during the day if needed and you’ll be ready to go