It seems like every celebrity is cutting her hair this spring. Both the young and young at heart are asking hairdressers around the world to change their image. Most dramatic is the long to short transformation. Young Hollywood star, Jennifer Lawrence, cut off her round layers in exchange for a soft forward styled medium layer shape. Young at heart actress, Robin Wright, went even further and created a much softer look for her strong features by cutting short layers on the sides and a longer side swept layer on top. The result is a shape that opens up her face and softens her cheekbones. The dark color that was underneath her long blond layers, adds warmth to her skin and helps to define her head shape. Yes, color is a leading lady’s go to method for starting a buzz about her personal style.

Think of the actresses in the 1960’s. Monroe did it with platinum blonde and Elizabeth Taylor with her blue black. Anne-Margret had a strawberry shade that was unnaturally beautiful. Using today’s improved lighteners and colors starlets can go lighter or darker more frequently. Undoubtedly, Anne Hathaway is a beautiful woman. When comparing her soft golden blonde color of 2013 to her more natural dark auburn and her adorable pixie cut there is no comparison. Although the blonde was dramatic the red violet brown shows off her mega watt smile and contrasts her features perfectly. In the reality TV category I give the most improved award to Khloe Kardashian. Usually it’s her sister Kim who’s getting the press. This year Khloe lost 30 lbs. and refined her style from Jersey to NYC. She increased her ombre blonde hair color and adding longer bohemian layers and put waves into her hair wardrobe. The end result is a natural palette of dewy sun kissed color that remains curvy and sexy in silhouette.

Here are my five favorite hair trends for spring 2014.

1) Seasons change and so does hair color. For lighter clients skip the highlights and glaze hair with a demi permanent in a warm tone one to two levels darker.
2)Add an apricot hue tint to roots and golden blonde ombre on ends.
3)Lighten fine hair to pale blonde and tone then cut short even layers to frame bright eyes.
4) Style longer hair with a sexy sleek Vintage Wave set to add length with Va-voom.
5)Cut medium layers shorter on the sides and back and disconnect the layer on top. Nothing updates a neutral length like strong short sides and back contrasted with a sexy punk’d  up top!